Who qualifies as a candidate?  

  • The candidate must be either an individual or an organisation
  • Several individuals or organisations that are not structurally linked cannot be presented as one single candidacy.
  • A former Prize winner may not be submitted a second time as a candidate. If a candidate was not withheld, it may however be submitted again for a next Prize.

Who can submit a candidacy?
The submission of a candidate’s file may only be undertaken by a qualified nominator. The selection committee will not consider applications by individuals who are applying for the Prize themselves or for an organization within which they are active.

How to submit a candidacy? 
To submit a candidacy you have to use the electronic form.   

Submit a candidacy 




Selection Procedure
The King Baudouin Foundation’s Board of Governors selects the laureate on the basis of a report drawn up by an independent selection committee.

Selection Committee
The selection committee is comprised of 14 members in total; under 1 chairperson.